CP Chemicals China

Leading manufacuturer of agrochemicals covering a wide range of crops and regions globally

Qualified with quality assurance

To do the best


CP Chemicals China (CPCC) is a registered offshore trading company based in China. It is a major supplier of China-manufactured agricultural chemicals into Southern African markets, mainly Zimbabwe and Zambia.

CPCC’s goal is to get relevant licensing and be certified to facilitate product sourcing to export directly or indirectly a wide variety of high-quality products at trending & competitive prices.

CPCC endeavours to offer reliable and flexible service to its valued customers at all times, and to coordinate sourcing and exports to various global markets.

Our management policy is centred around product efficacy and customer satisfaction. To this effect, we have invested substantially to bring quality products to our customers. We also work closely with other trade factories, and suppliers of similar or more intricate nature, size and complexity in mainland China 🇨🇳.